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Key Benefits

Reach more customers from the surrounding.
We will get your orders.


Wibrate will help you to reach your customers online. Make yourself visible to your customers. We'll take you to the table of your customers. We know the value of money; we'll pay you within 24 hours.

No Commission up to order value of Rs.1 Lacs per month

We know that you prepare items with love and therefore we will get 5% commission on the value above 1 Lac per month from you. We believe in building a relationship.

100% secure and trusted

You won't regret our partnership. Let's know each other and serve people together. Wibrate is 100% secure and safe. We work to win your trust and we are serious about that.

make delivery through your own delivery boy

We are concerned about your reputation; we won't interfere in the delivery process of yours. Your delivery boy knows it better. We will get your customer to reach you and we wish you'll be welcomed at their door-steps.

What Our partners Say

"Wibrate has brought us, customers, from our surroundings. It took us to the door-steps of our consumers. It is giving us commission as well. Now, we are reaching to our beloved customers through Wibrate."

Mysoure House

"Wibrate informed our customers that we're ready to serve them at their door-steps and our customers are now getting their favorite food at their own place. Now we are not only in their kitchen but we're in our customers'" hearts too."

Hotel Prasang

"Now our food is directly reaching our customers' place. Thank you, Wibrate for connecting us."

V.R. Pizza

"We liked Wibrate's kind gesture of providing commission as they promise".

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